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Our Luxury cruises

Smart Yachting is that perfect blend of the luxury of a private yacht and the authentic charm of a sailing ship. The Smart Yachting promise: to offer the best of sailing, yachting and luxury cruising in a comfortable environment with the emphasis on space. Signed, sealed and delivered by the Smart Yachting Company.


Our twin-masted sailing yachts are modern but without breaking with tradition. The sails are beautiful, the decks are solid teak, the cabins are mahogany panelled, governed by the spirit of elegance and adventure of the schooner.

Never less than 82 feet and never more than 164 feet.  Our choice of vessels on a human scale is essential for the creation of the Smart Yachting spirit on board.
On board, our 3-5 person crews for 8-12 passengers continually seek to anticipate the wishes of our guests. They remain discreet and never impose, with that essential talent of only appearing at the appropriate moment, because Smart Yachting also offers the luxury of privacy.

This perfect balance between comfort and service is matched only by the harmony of a journey that mixes trips ashore, water sports and sumptuous experiences. Just picture yourself, a cocktail in your hand and your eyes on new horizons.