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vignette_editoThis is more than just a cruise, it's a Smart Yachting Company cruise. A voyage filled with colour and packed with unforgettable experiences taken by the most discerning of travellers. The seamless art of the personalized ocean voyage where the magic of each moment is only matched by the one that follows it.

That unique sensation of being carried across the ocean surrounded by wonder is the very essence of a Smart Yachting Company cruise. Through idyllic landscapes, far from convention and the dictates of fashion, the Smart Yachting Company has invented a new style of cruising: Smart Yachting. Elegant and comfortable yachting for real travellers looking for freedom and experiences far from the madding crowd. We offer 100% private, personalized experiences in the Mediterranean and the Caribbean.

Smart Yachting cruises are a totally new concept combining an all-inclusive holiday experience with total freedom.
Nothing is set in stone, including the stages of the journey. Cruises are aimed at those who love the sea and world travel and who enjoy elegance and simple, discreet luxury.
Our crews are totally dedicated to providing passengers with the utmost in service and sharing their love of sailing and world travel to ensure a truly special voyage. Their voyage. Your voyage.

The Smart Yachting Company would like to welcome all Smart Yachters.