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Travel Itineraries

We love the coastline. The view from the sea is just ours to savour and is so beautiful that it will remain etched in our memories. You'll find the real meaning of travel when you see these amazing places. Working out your itinerary: 200 miles a week allows you to spend part of each day sailing, around three hours, leaving the rest of the day to explore on land, practice water sports or just relax.
Whatever you choose the decision is all yours.

Want to stay longer in that secluded inlet?
Or moor in that tiny port that is barely visible on the map?
Your wish is our command. Your captain will take care of everything.

The Smart Yachting Company's sailing yachts cruise in the western Mediterranean and the Caribbean. Summer destinations (June to October), winter destinations (December to April), the dream is always in our wake.

Porquerolles, Marseille, Hyères, Nice, Ajaccio or Bonifacio, Porto Cervo or the Aeolian Islands are your home ports in summer, while Antigua, the Virgin Islands, the Grenadines, Le Marin and Saint Barthelemy will be your winter havens in the sun. Each season has its pleasures, the choice is yours.