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Life on board

Life on board is one long, untroubled dream. Our sailing yachts are stable so the voyage is pleasant whatever the conditions. The service on board ensures that everything runs smoothly, thanks to the professionalism of the crew. Their standards are those of five star hotels. Always in uniform, their courtesy is a pleasure. It is their duty to ensure that the needs of their guests are met at all times. Daily room service, preparation for trips ashore, dedicated hostess to anticipate your wishes... Smart Yachters lack for nothing, especially not when it comes to the pleasures of the table. Every day brings new, mouth-watering culinary experiences prepared by our head chefs whose sophisticated menus follow your wishes or recipes from renowned chefs, depending on your tastes.


This very private cruise experience is as exclusive as the yachts are simple. With a maximum of 12 people, i.e. one to two families, they provide a deliciously comfortable, all inclusive travel experience in the capable hands of an experienced crew.
The course of the voyage is decided by our guests to ensure that it is a truly personalized cruising experience. The Mediterranean holds no secrets for our twin-masted Smart Spirit. Travel to the Egadi Islands from northern Sicily, discover the Bay of Naples and the Pontine Islands, see Corsica from the Mediterranean as you've never seen it before. In the Caribbean, drop anchor in ports with evocative names: Dragon Bay, Petit St. Vincent, Union Island, Tobago Cays, Carriacou, Prikly Bay.... or Mustique, Canouan, or Mayreau, if you prefer.
This is the time to perfect that water-ski jump that you didn't quite master last year, to practice windsurfing or to get acquainted with the shoals of multi-coloured fish.

Take time to read with the sound of the waves in the background and the sun to warm your skin. Out on the teak deck the clouds are reflected in the calm seas and the children romp in the warm water. Back on dry land, passengers, sated by discovery and the hustle and bustle can relax and enjoy the simple pleasures of diving in an inlet sheltered from the wind. Because that's what life on board is all about, a holiday for each member of the party, at their own pace and without restrictions. The only difficulty is what to choose.

Activities: Windsurfing, water skiing, diving, fishing, games...

The rest is just pleasure and all-inclusive.